Hello, and thanks for dropping by. The site's under construction. If you found it, I have no idea how -- unless you randomly typed in my name with "www" at one end and ".com" at the other. Which means you were thinking of me. Wondering if I had a website, and what I might have put on it, and how I've been since the afternoon we spent walking in the gardens, or that night in the rain when the car wouldn't start.

I've thought about you, too.

Have I kept up with my writing? I have. There is a book. Before the book, there was a chapbook, or zine, or pamphlet: a thing I composed and stapled together for distribution amongst friends and kind strangers. 'Twas that humble effort that led to the book, by way of string of events that I will tell about more fully when the book finds a publisher and this site becomes fully operational. Meanwhile, there's another site based on the chapbook, which is called Big Pinch World. It's rather gaudy and Halloweenish; sorry. My first-ever site design. But things to read await you, and more are coming soon in the book. With any luck.

Thanks again for being here, however it happened. How does anything?